IPro Group Technology Day:


"Ihie Beseder? It depends!"

a new Technology Day by Verimatrix and Wave Computing is coming to you in September 10th!

Keynote "Ma Ata Doeg? - when security is overlooked" delivered by Gijs Willemse, VP Silicon IP R&D and Products, Verimatrix

When: Tuesday 10.September.2019, 8:30-15:00


What: Technology Day - 'Ihie Beseder? It depends!' 


Where: Herods Herzelia, Haogen Conference Room


Who: Verimatrix and Wave Computing


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The IP selection process defines at times the character of the resulting SoC and determines upfront its market acceptance. It hints to the SoC end-customers the quality of the design and how critical functions such as processing systems and security are architected. Will everything sort out in the end? Was a well-thought upfront architecture research lacking? Can a less-than-optimal IP choice be covered for at a later design stage? Verimatrix and Wave Computing, leaders on their IP disciplines, have joined forces to present their views in this most critical process and will co-host for you a day of information sharing and debate.  


Ihie Beseder?  You will be the judge.

This Technology Day is tailored for SoC Architects, Security Architects, and SoC designers, SoC design managers and execs. Like always, we will enjoy the cozy refinement of the Herods Herzelia and the company of a selected representation of Israel's Chip Design Community. A senior team from Verimatrix and Wave is coming to Israel to share with you a half-day of information and new ideas. Participation is free but it requires early registration. All participants will have free parking at the Herods, and will be our guests for breakfast and lunch.​


Registration is open - to register: CLICK HERE!


Day Program (click on presenter for bio and on presentation title for highlights):

  • 8:30-9:00      
  • 9:00-9:15      
  • 9:15-10:05    
  • 10:05-10:55  
  • 10:55-11:25  
  • 11:25-12:15  
  • 12:15-13:05  
  • 13:05-13:15  
  • 13:15-15:00

Our presenters:



Gijs Willemse, Vice-President of Silicon IP R&D and Products, IP Business Unit, Verimatrix. Gijs is well known as a source of valuable information by our customers in Israel. Gijs is leading the Silicon IP development teams of Inside Secure. He has been working in the Security IP business for over 20 years in various roles, always engaged directly with tear-1 SoC manufactures, securing their assets and protecting their products, from small-footprint consumer devices to high-end, very high speed server products. Gijs has a Master of Science in Electrical Engineering (Information Technology) from the Technical University in Eindhoven.  (back to agenda)

James Mac Hale, Vice-President World Wide Sales, Wave Computing. James is responsible for the Global Sales Activity of the MIPS Business Unit of Wave Computing, including the MIPS Processor Cores and the Triton-AI Artificial Intelligence Platform. Prior to joining Wave, James has been in a wide variety of executive IP Sales and Business Development roles for different companies, including a 15-years tenure as a Sales Vice President of MIPS Technologies, Inc. James holds a B.Eng. in Electronics from the University of Dublin and an MBA in International Marketing from the Santa Clara University. (back to agenda)



Ron Keidar, Senior Field Architect, Verimatrix. Ron is an expert in Silicon Security, IoT, Key Management and Content Protection. Out-of-the-box thinker, enthusiastic innovator with 30 patents. Before joining Verimatrix Ron worked 20 years with Qualcomm in security architecture, and later co-founded a startup focusing on IoT Security. With Verimatrix, Ron works with customers on tailoring security solutions to their needs based on Verimatrix rich HW IP and SW toolkit portfolios. Ron holds a B. Sc. in Computer Science from the Technion. (back to agenda)




Itai Yarom, Israel Technical Manager, Wave. Itai manages the Israeli office of Wave and leads Wave's automotive strategic activities worldwide. He has a rich AI background and a vast experience in the semiconductor industry, including former tenures in both Intel and Synopsys. Before joining Wave, Itai was the technical manager of Imagination Israel, supporting MIPS CPUs as well as all other IP solutions by Imagination. Itai has an M.Sc. in computer science, with a focus on AI, Machine Learning and Multi-Agent Systems. Itai was involved in the development of in excess of 20 different products, has written more than 20 papers and holds several patents. (back to agenda)


Presentations Highlights:

Ma Ata Doeg ? - when security is overlooked 

  1. Learn from others’ mistakes – Case study, security breaches with real-life examples

  2. The price of mediocre security  

  3. Why securing your SoC is not trivial

  4. Not all security IP are born equal – The importance of using the right IP for your use cases, security needs and budget


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Prime Release: MIPS IP Roadmap

  1. Dive into New Processor Cores

  2. Dive into New Artificial Intelligence Platform 'Triton-AI'

  3. General-Purpose CPU vs. Application-Tailored CPU

  4. The right choice in a world of processors

  5. Benchmarks and other metrics


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Implementing a Security Strategy 

  1. Secure Boot and on-chip security management

  2. Secure in-transit data management

  3. Automotive and other real-life examples

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Hands-on: MIPS-Open from A to Z 

  1. Hands-on: from the MIPS-Open web to your SoC design - fast!

  2. The MIPS-Open Open-License concept

  3. Post-design certification process

  4. Demo: experimenting with MIPS-Open FPGA board - for a quick design start


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#   R A F F L E   #   R A F F L E   #   R A F F L E   #   R A F F L E   #   R A F F L E   #  

By the end of the lectures, we will raffle two Creator Ci40 IoT Kits among our guests.

The Creator Ci40 loT Kit is an IoT-in-a-box development kit and a great start for exploring IoT and embedded computing. The Creator Ci40 IoT Kit includes the hardware needed to quickly prototype a wireless IoT system. 


The kit also includes open source software frameworks, network stacks and cloud connectivity capabilities to securely connect and authenticate devices to the cloud. The Creator Ci40 development board runs a wide range of GNU/Linux distributions. These distributions include OpenWrt, Debian, Buildroot and the Brillo operating system from Google.


Create inspired innovative connected projects with the Ci40 IoT kit. This kit is perfect for individual makers or entrepreneurs with an IoT prototype they want quickly developed into a production product. Creator Ci40 is the ideal solution for the maker, IoT developer, Linux hacker or company looking for their next big IoT project.


  • IoT-optimized 550MHz dual-core, dual-threaded MIPS interAptiv CPU

  • GNU/Linux including OpenWrt, Debian and Google's IoT-optimized Brillo 

  • Low-power wireless connectivity for key low-power wireless and wired protocols

  • I/O headers and standard interfaces for Raspberry Pi B+, mikroBUS


The Creator Ci40 IoT kit includes: 

  • Creator Ci40 IoT hub development board with an integrated 550MHz dual-core, dual-threaded MIPS CPU running OpenWrt and a multi-standard connectivity package (802.11ac 2×2, Bluetooth 4.1, 802.15.4, fast Ethernet), with room for further expansion 

  • Two battery-powered MikroElektronika Clicker™ boards featuring a dedicated 6LoWPAN chip and the mikroBUS™ socket for adding sensors 

  • Three MikroElektronika Click boards™ for measuring temperature, detecting motion and controlling a relay


More information here: Creator Ci-40 – the ultimate IoT-in-a-Box dev kit


Participation is free but requires early registration and confirmation by IPro. Please fill up the registration form below and click 'Send' - we will get back to your shorly.


We look forward to hosting you on Tuesday 10.September, 8:30am at the Herods Herzelia!

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