IPro Group Technology Day:


"Security and Machine Learning:
Enabling New Business in a New Complex World"

a new Technology Day by Inside Secure and Wave Computing is coming to you on April 10th!

Keynote "Artificial Intelligence - Designed to Scale" delivered by Derek Meyer, CEO of Wave Computing

When: Wednesday 10.April 2019, 8:30-15:00


What: Technology Day - Security and Machine Learning: Enabling New Business in a New Complex World


Where: Herods Herzelia, Haogen Conference Room


Who: Inside Secure and Wave Computing


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The demand for a robust security strategy and architecture on new SoC designs is growing consistently, as new attacks become more disruptive and more frequent. Security is not a 'necessary evil' as all know that it is necessary for the protection and successful acceptance of the new product  by the market. Security not only protects your assets, but also your customers assets, personal information and communication.

However, what is less known is that a careful planning of the security architecture makes place for a myriad of attractive new features and capacities for the design which would not be available otherwise. The savvy Security Architect will take these into account, architect them into the SoC from an early stage, and allow his design to offer new and unexpected features that will add value to the end-customer and add volume to the SoC Sales.

Machine Learning is becoming the driving force providing whole new levels of intelligence to silicon designs, which cannot be accomplished with the help of traditional methods. The adoption of AI-on-silicon enables new functionality that only a very short time ago would be simply impossible to achieve or even imagine. Current SoCs are expected to deliver a lot more, and yet remain competitively small and with as fast design cycles as they have ever been able to.

In such a demanding landscape, efficient ML acceleration engines create the underlying technological ability to deliver on stringent demands, opening up new markets and opportunities to intelligent designs. The quality of such IP engines will therefore be critical for the successful outspread of the SoC on its target market. 

Inside Secure and Wave Computing will be sending their Senior Staff to meet you at the Herods Herzelia and will present selected topics on security and machine learning, describing how to use a clever IP implementation to augment your business in a complex and demanding marketplace. 

Security is a SoC commitment - and it pays off!

Machine Learning is the basic building block of a feature-rich design!

​Like always, we will enjoy the cozy refinement of the Herods Herzelia and the company of a selected representation of Israel's Chip Design Community, that is coming to spend with us a half day of information sharing and new ideas. Participation is free but it requires early registration and confirmation. All participants will have free parking at the Herods.


Registration is open - to register: CLICK HERE!


Day Program (click on presenter for bio and on presentation title for abstract):

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Our presenters:


Derek Meyer, CEO Wave Computing. Derek is the CEO of Wave Computing where he brings more than 20 years of executive management, corporate strategy and go-to-market experience to the company. As CEO, he leads the company’s strategy to revolutionize the AI industry with dataflow-based solutions spanning the cloud to the edge.  Prior to joining Wave Computing, Derek held executive leadership positions in both established and startup companies spanning the semiconductor and computer systems industries, including ARC, CEVA, Philips, Silicon Graphics, Sun Microsystems, Harris Computers and MIPS Technologies. At MIPS, he was part of the executive team that took the company public. Derek received his B.S. in Physics from Florida Atlantic University where he also studied for his M.S. in Astrophysics. (back to agenda)


Ron Keidar, Senior Field Architect, Inside Secure is an expert in Silicon Security, IoT, Key Management and Content Protection. Out-of-the-box thinker, enthusiastic innovator with 30 patents. Before joining INSIDE Secure Ron worked 20 years with Qualcomm in security architecture, and later co-founded a startup focusing on IoT Security. With INSIDE Secure, Ron works with customers on tailoring security solutions to their needs based on INSIDE Secure rich HW IP and SW toolkit portfolios. Ron holds a B. Sc. in Computer Science from the Technion. (back to agenda)


Itai Yarom, Israel Technical Manager, Wave, manages the Israeli office of Wave and leads Wave's automotive strategic activities worldwide. He has a rich AI background and a vast experience in the semiconductor industry, including former tenures in both Intel and Synopsys. Before joining Wave, Itai was the technical manager of Imagination Israel, supporting MIPS CPUs as well as all other IP solutions by Imagination. Itai has an M.Sc. in computer science, with a focus on AI, Machine Learning and Multi-Agent Systems. He has served on the advisory board of several companies and driven research activities in cooperation with major universities. Itai was involved in the development of in excess of 20 different products, has written more than 20 papers and holds several patents. (back to agenda)


Marcel Van Loon, Senior Solutions Architect, Inside SecureWith in excess of 20 years experience in the embedded security and hardware IP business, Marcel van Loon is an expert in bringing embedded security solutions to customer silicon. His expertise covers both high throughput and high security use cases, SoC provisioning for security, and the device's security life-cycle. As Ron, Marcel works with customers on tailoring security solutions based on INSIDE Secure's portfolio, while at the same time working with INSIDE Secure to define and improve next-generation security IP products. Marcel holds a degree from the Eindhoven University of Technology and holds several patents. (back to agenda)


Presentation Abstracts:

Artificial Intelligence: Designed to Scale - 

Machine Learning is the driving force providing whole new levels of intelligence to silicon designs, which cannot be accomplished with the help of traditional methods. The adoption of AI-on-silicon enables new functionality that only a very short time ago would be simply impossible to achieve or even imagine. Current SoCs are expected to deliver a lot more, and yet remain competitively small and with as fast design cycles as they have ever been able to.
In such a demanding landscape, efficient Machine Learning Dataflow engines create the underlying technological ability to deliver on stringent demands, opening up new markets and opportunities to intelligent designs. Derek Meyer, will present the Corporate Vision that is driving Wave Computing in this fascinating market place. (back to agenda)

Protecting Business IP: Security Survival Guide -

For many companies, the value of their Intellectual Property (IP) that is exposed on the designs is between 50% to 90% of the company's value.  Mature companies and startups might get their IP exposed at production, distribution and commercial stages. Once the IP exposed, the damage to a business is unrecoverable. In this talk Ron will touch various approaches to protect the IP that is embedded on devices - approaches that eventually could protect your business. (back to agenda)

IoT: Internet of Threats ??? - 

IoT and Cloud computing are two sides of the same coin. Where cloud computing is about big data, combining, processing and extracting information, it's the endpoint devices, the 'things' in IoT, that collect this data or act on the information generated by the cloud. This puts a lot of responsibility on these devices, especially combined with fact that these 'things' are typically easily accessible through the internet, allowing highly scalable attacks, while at the same time having relatively few resources to defend themselves. When such an attack surface, IoT devices present a juicy target for misuse. Hardly ever is the end goal of the attack the device itself. Misuse can be directed against the cloud service, attempting to steal resources, information, or trying to influence the information and decision making in the cloud. It can be against the IoT 'consumer’, trying to access privacy sensitive information or hijacking devices. This presentation will cover topics of how resource constrained devices can defend themselves against internet-scalable attacks, and how Inside Secure products and services can help ease and bolster the implementation of these defenses. (back to agenda)

The MIPS-Open Open-Source Initiative - 

The MIPS Open initiative will make an open source version of the MIPS 32 and 64-bit Instruction Set Architectures (ISA) freely available to developers, partners and customers with the goal of inspiring novel approaches to system on chip (SoC) designs. Opening the MIPS ISA and expanding its surrounding ecosystem will turbo-charge advancement of the MIPS architecture by leveraging the power of the community to modernize and deliver high-performance, multithreaded, MIPS-based solutions. The resulting solutions can be embedded in a broad set of edge applications such as home automation systems, IoT devices and FuSA enabled autonomous vehicles. In this presentation, Itai will walk you through the MIPS-Open initiative and what you can do to leverage a freely available Industry-Standard ISA for the benefit of your company and products. (back to agenda)


Introducing the Wave Dataflow Architecture - 

Wave Computing’s unique approach to accelerating deep learning is based upon harnessing dataflow technology to eliminate the need for a host and co-processor in the processing of a neural network. This enables the company’s WaveFlow™ deep learning systems to exploit data and model parallelisms present in convolutional and recurrent neural networks to provide high-performance, high-efficiency training and inferencing computing solutions that scale for any implementation. Wave Computing’s dataflow-based systems for the datacenter and on-premise environments each include Dataflow Processing Units (DPUs) that contain more than 16,000 Processing Elements per chip, high-speed memories, terabytes of storage and the company’s full dataflow software stack. This presentation will cover the architectural details of the Wave Dataflow Architecture and their benefits for the creation of efficient Deep Learning Systems. (back to agenda)

Hardening SW Security without TEE! - Introduction to Code Protection - 

In many cases, for both IoT and other markets, security is an afterthought. For Mobile downloadable applications, HW security not a real option in the first place. However, mobile payment applications use Code Protection to get Visa and Mastercard certification (without TEE) Similarly, downloadable video players with DRMs use Code Protection Tools to get Hollywood Studios blessing for a pure SW protection. Other apps include Car key apps, door-lock apps and so on. In this talk we will go over the basics of code protection, what are the features, how to harden your code, hide keys, protect Intellectual Properties against reverse engineering, and ultimately protect your business. (back to agenda)

Processing in the Cloud: Who Protects Your Data ? -

More and more calculations, operations and even complete networking functions, such as 5G network-components, are moving to the cloud. This means valuable data is not only processed in an external environment, it must also be transferred between the end-point to the cloud. How do you guarantee an authenticated connection and ensure data integrity, still satisfying the latency and throughput requirements for your applications. In this lecture, Marcel will review a variety of High-Speed Security engines, capable of protecting data in transit at line rate. (back to agenda)

Leading the Autonomous Driving Revolution - 

We live in a world where automation is becoming commonplace across industries, from manufacturing to robotics to automotive. The latter in particular is seeing rapid development and it won’t be long before driverless vehicles are a regular sight on our roads. Even before that we will see high levels of driver assistance with elements such as safe-spacing and automatic breaking. The move to autonomous vehicles will inevitably be a disruptive force in society that will have an impact on myriad industries. Autonomous driving will save lives and with the transition to electric propulsion, it will benefit the environment too. In this presentation, Itai will walk you through how Wave is enabling the creation of assistive and fully autonomous systems by making its licenseable technologies ready for key functional safety standards. (back to agenda)

Anti-Cloning Protection Techniques - 

Having mentioned two distinct technologies in the ‘Survival Guide’ , it is now time to get a deeper look into Cell Camouflage and Key Provisioning as additional means to protect Intellectual property, product margin and market share. Cell camouflage is a technology used in the past 17 years to protect IP in silicon. In this talk, I will present a new camouflage library which packs this state of the art technology as a standalone IP, offering best protection to OTPs while being easy to integrate and use. Key provisioning is a necessary function to all designs that use security keys for their protection. Provisioning with a secure key management offers a great tool to track production and deployment and to secure HW production, service and cloud.  In this talk, Ron will walk you through how Inside Secure has made it easy for IoT.  (back to agenda)


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Millions of airport visitors world-wide are exposed daily to highly vulnerable WiFi networks.  WifiWall, a revolutionary miniature hardware device, protects you and keeps your data safe even when connecting from the most vulnerable public WiFi networks. Don't let your credit cards, passports, personal photos, emails and identity fall in the hands of attackers.


The IPro Group will be giving away a WiFiWall device to the raffle winner in our Technology Day



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