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EdgeLab Digital Twin - Car2X Communication Use Case

car2x 1.png

Our simulation starts from a quiet / static situation. We have the car stopped at the road. If you zoom into the traffic information at the left hand side of the road simulation, you may see that simulation is ongoing for 2.5 minutes, and there are 21 vehicles connected. You may also see the distances from the subject of the demo to 10 nearby vehicles, marked on the left-hand side of the city diagram, as zoomed-in below:  

car2x 1 (2).png
car2x 3.png

As the car start moving, it establishes connection to another stakeholder on the road. The connection attempt is represented by the Android incoming call. Note that the wireless network is fully implemented on the platform, so that the subject of the experiment may initiate a session or connect to a session that is directed to him. Moreover, the design may intercept the call at different levels, in order to allow the development of HW, FW, or system SW as desired. 

car2x 4.png

Once the connection is established, the window on the right continues to monitor the car in movement at the streets, while the left-hand window monitors the quality and communication details of the ongoing session, as zoomed-in below: 

car2x 5.png

Thus the platform enables the monitoring of the data that is exchanged, the quality level of the transmission / reception, and more details about the data exchange.

So here are a few of the efforts that may benefit from the Digital Twin platform at the Car2X comms use case:


  • develop your drivers

  • develop your application

  • improve the quality of the communication

  • consider improvements on the data size, throughput and encryption performance

  • validate an existing code section

  • analyze the impact of a processor change

  • validate a complete solution in a given traffic environment

  • ... and more.


Note that this is a very simplistic demonstration of the platform, showing basic functionality. The capabilities of the platform can be extended to the specific needs of any use case.