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Dear Colleagues,

Greetings from IPro!  It's time for our quarterly IPro News.  Starting of course with our hopes you all had an AWESOME New Year holidays period, and wishing you a great תשע"ח. Please find below an update on the latest news about the IPro Group worldwide, with a special focus on our activities in Israel.

Last quarter's visits and events:


We have held the second NetSpeed Technology Day in Israel in September.  A great day and a great audience, counting with the keynote of NetSpeed's CEO Sundari Mitra that came to Israel to take a close look into our country's chip design community.  The day continued with a hands-on demonstration by Rocco of a number of techniques and capabilities of NoC Studio, our interconnect synthesis front-end, showing what it takes to enable effective performance analysis and modeling capabilities in a world-class interconnect IP.  Our VP Marketing, Anush Mohandass, closed the day with a sneak preview into multiple upcoming new products and features of the NetSpeed interconnect.

In the same evening, we had dinner with a selected group of Industry Execs that helped introduced our team to their companies and products - with good food and wine and a nice view of the Herzelia beach at nightfall.






Our warmest THANK YOU to all participants that came to share the day with us - looking forward to hosting you again in our next events!

We enjoyed last quarter the visits of Inside Secure's Ron Keidar and NetSpeed's Rocco Jonack who came over to meet many of our local partners, share our enthusiasm and support them closely in their ongoing design efforts. It is our privilege to stay close to you, our silicon partners, and assist on any needs along our joint journey, making your user experience a smooth and pleasant one.

New Silicon Partners:


We are honored to welcome Nanolock to our growing community of users in Israel. Nanolock shook hands with Inside Secure on a new licensing agreement last quarter, thus becoming the newest IPro Group Partner in Israel. 

Our sincere thanks to the Nanolock team - wishing you a great success! It is a pleasure for us to partner with you in your journey.

In addition to Nanolock, a new license was signed with one of our long-time Partners in Israel - no names, you know who you are.  As always, it is an honor for us to renew our partnership and strengthen our cooperation on every new design - Thank You!


Next period's visits and events:

The SemIsrael EXPO is approaching and the IPro Group will be there! Come visit us to take a look at our demos, get the very latest updates from our team, work on your IP solutions with us, or simply enjoy a pleasant time and a courtesy espresso coffee with us!  We are waiting for you in the IPro Group booth, and also in our lectures at the IP track! 

See you at the EXPO - Tuesday 28/November at the Avenue!


During the SemIsrael EXPO week, we will have Ron (Inside Secure), Rocco (NetSpeed) and Kevin (Andes) in Israel for a round of customer visits - please drop me a note in case you would like to coordinate a visit.

December 6-7 is IP-SoC time in Grenoble!  For those of you that are planning to attend, please make sure to talk to us, and visit Inside Secure in booth #7.  We will be presenting: "Embedding Security - Step by Step" in the Technical Conference - in this presentation, we review the various steps you should take when securing your design against different attacks, and how Inside Secure can assist you on making this task easier. For a brief preview: https://www.ipro-great-ip.com/embedding-security-step-by-step 


IPro Group Highlights:

Here are a few highlights from our Group during the period.  For a full listing of Press Releases and articles, please visit our web.

NetSpeed announces multiple new products on Technology Day in Israel

Turing, SoC Builder, Andromeda and Corona are among the many technologies introduced by NetSpeed during the Technology Day held in September in Herzelia. The common denominator of all new products remains the same: to provide for a smarter SoC Design flow through an intelligent interconnect, and produce better chips in less time. 

For more information, please contact me. For the Turing Press Release, read more HERE

Inside Secure and Toshiba jointly address embedded security needs on various Japanese vertical markets

A new success for the leader in embedded security IP: Inside Secure announced it is working closely with Toshiba Information Systems Corporation in the Japanese market, to address the large and fast-growing demand for advanced security in cars, IoT devices and state-of-the-art printers. Read more HERE.

Performance-IP' & CEVA partner to boost DSP System Performance

Performance-IP announced a cooperation with CEVA under which CEVA may incorporate Performance-IP’s L2+ Cache with any of its DSPs.  Read more HERE.

Andes is investing on RISC-V

Andes has recently announced the AndeStar™ V5 architecture and the NX25, the first RISC-V core of the new family. Together with the core, an IDE environment, a pre-integrated IP platform, a development board and more. Read more HERE.

Read all the IPro Group's Press Releases and Technical Papers in the IPro Web -  HERE

About the IPro Group Member Companies:


Andes is a leading microprocessor IP supplier, devoted to develop and market high-performance AND low-power 32/64-bits processors and associated SoC platforms.  Andes' innovative configurable platform solution allows our customers to construct unique system architectures that provide a competitive advantage due to their high levels of optimization. Andes works closely with their partners to shorten their time-to-market with high-quality designs.

Inside Secure is at the heart of security solutions for mobile and connected devices, providing software, silicon IP, tools and know-how needed to protect customers’ transactions, content, applications, and communications. With its deep security expertise and experience, the company delivers IP products that span the entire range of security requirement levels to serve the demanding markets of network security, IoT security, content & application protection, mobile payment & banking.

NetSpeed offers a fresh look into a complex SoC's design flow. One in which timing closure is kept in high focus and tight control - from Architecture Definition and all the way to Tapeout. The result is: NO SURPRISES!  You will be able to monitor your design at all times and keep your performance on target and your power under control. This will save you WEEKS AND MONTHS of timing closure effort at a critical time - your tapeout!

Performance-IP boosts your chip's memory interface by understanding the patterns of its communication to external, high-latency memories and performing intelligent pre-fetches, thus saving unecessary latencies and increasing dramatically memory throughput. As a side effect, it saves precious power in the memory interface by reducing the number of memory transactions which consume a significant amount of power. There is NO REASON why a design that incorporates a DDR memory should not use the Memory Request Optimizer.

That's all folks!


Thanks for listening and looking forward to talking to you again in our next IPro News. Feel free to forward this Newsletter to your colleagues.

Do feel free to call for a meeting or phone conversation whenever I can be of help - will be always glad to visit and support you, any time. 

See you all at the SemIsrael EXPO!

All the best,


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