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Issue #5, May 2015

Freedom in our Minds...  Faith in our Way ...  Pride in our Souls ...
We salute and remember the great men and women who made our dream a reality.
Happy Independence Day !!!

Dear Colleagues,


Greetings from IPro and hope you all had a great Passover! It is great to renew our conversation with the latest updates from our Group's companies about their activities in Israel and abroad.


The 1st IPro Technology Day, 2017


 ... Happened in March. A great public has honored us with their presence and heard updates from John Bainbridge and Rocco Jonack (NetSpeed) and Gregg Recupero (Performance-IP). We thank to all our guests for supporting our event, and hope you enjoyed a pleasant and informative day. We look forward to our next Technology Day, to be held in September 12th - Stay Tuned!




We had a vert busy period with visitors of NetSpeed, Performance-IP and Inside Secure in Israel for a number of different activities.  New customer meetings were held, contracts were closed, and a lot is under way. We look forward to engaging with each and every one of you.  For any questions or needs, do drop me a note or call my cell, and I will be happy to engage.


Early next month, the Andes team will come over for a series of prospect visits. Let me know if you would like to hear more about Andes - the performance-efficiency leaders in the controller market.  


Andes Technology IPOs in Taiwan!


Our warmest congratulations to Andes Technology on the occasion of their IPO in March 2017, in the Taiwan Stock Exchange.  This is one more step in the growth of Andes, who is steadily approaching the milestone of 2 BILLION chips shipped by its customers.  

All the best! (more details in Press Releases below).

Vault-IP - standard for secure key management in SoCs


Inside Secure's Vault-IP is becoming the de-facto standard of how keys should be managed on an on-chip secure environment. 


Convincing chip designers to implement security is challenging as it requires undertaking a cost in gates and engineering effort. But the cost of a security falure in today’s vulnerable devices may be much greater in the long term - and not just in dollars! Companies are becoming increasingly aware about the necessity of a robust security strategy, and are turning to Inside Secure to provide a high-quality solution - Vault-IP!


Please refer below for more information about Vault-IP, or drop me a note for a technical overview & discussion.

NetSpeed is ASIL-D Ready!


NetSpeed announced in March that its IP portfolio is now certified to the highest level of automotive functional safety for both coherent and non-coherent systems - ASIL-D ready. NetSpeed thus becomes the first interconnect IP to achieve this certification.

Safety certification has become a crucial requirement for all automotive SoC and IP designs. IP companies must now ensure that their products closely adhere to the standard, thus allowing for the development of more sophisticated designs and contributing to the creation of safer automotive systems.

Congrats to NetSpeed in this critical milestone! (more details in the Technical Articles and Press Releases, below)

Memory Request Optimizer (MRO): talking to DDRs - the smart way

Performance-IP is having great press traction in the last few months, for the official introduction of the MRO.  In a nutshell, the MRO learns the behavioral patterns of the chip when accessing external memory on its different threads and processes, and performs smart prefetches to gain performance and lower latencies.

Unlikely caches, the MRO prefetches the smart way, rather than anywhere anytime and for a fixed ammount - here, we are prefetching where needed, while minimizing the amount of false fetches.

You may find below articles examining the MRO and Performance-IP from various angles - enjoy!

Papers / Blogs: 


The Persistence of Memory - by Jim Turley, EEJournal

Maximizing Memory Performance - by Amelia Dalton, EEJournal (Audio Interview)

PreFetch Engine Recovers Lost Performance - by Gary Hilson, EETimes

Improving Memory Performance in SoC Designs - by Embedded Computing Design

Interview to Gregg Recupero, CTO and Founder of Performance-IP - by Peggy Aycinena, EDACafe Blogs

In Search for Latent System Performance in your Chip - by M.Diamant, GM IPro & Performance-IP representative in Israel

NetSpeed Taking a Ride with Autonomous Automobiles - by Mitch Heines, SemiWiki

It's a heterogeneous world and cache rules it now - by Don Dingee, SemiWiki

Automotive OEMs Get Boost as NetSpeed NoC is Certified ISO 26262 Ready - by Mitch Heins, SemiWiki

VaultIP Secures All Things - by Inside Secure

When Toasters, Cars, Thermostats and Fridges Attack - Right-Sizing the SoC Security Architecture for the New Connected World – IPSoC, Dec. 2016, by Inside Secure

MediaTek Builds ARM Competitor (in Hebrew) - Roni Lifshitz, Chief Editor, Tech Time


Press Releases:


Andes Technology Corporation Goes IPO in the Taiwan Stock Exchange - by Andes Technology

Inside Secure Releases Latest True Random Number Generator Providing Continuous Protection against Security Threats in IoT and Datacenters - by Inside Secure

Inside Secure Partners With ContentArmor To Address Hollywood Studios’ Higher Security Requirements for Early-Window and UHD Movies Delivered Over-the-Top (OTT) - by Inside Secure

Inside Secure announces strong 2016 results following completion of strategic transformation

Inside Secure Delivers Application Protection Against Malicious Attacks on Android Java Devices

Inside Secure HCE Payment Platform Achieves Full Certification by Both MasterCard and Visa

Sunplus Technology Licenses NetSpeed Orion IP to Accelerate Design of Automotive SoCs - by D&R

Performance-IP's MRO Listed in Electronic Design Magazine's Products of the Week 

ראיון בלעדי של סמי-ישראל עם גרג רקופרו, סמנכ"ל טכנולוגיות של פרפורמנס-איי-פי - by Shuka Z., SemIsrael

Performance-IP Introduces Silicon IP to Increase Memory Performance in SoC Designs - Performance limitations improved by Memory Request Optimizer - by Performance-IP

NetSpeed Gains ISO 26262 Certification, ASIL D Ready, for Its Interconnect IP - First interconnect IP to achieve the most stringent level of Automotive Functional Safety, ASIL D Ready - by NetSpeed Systems


That's All, Folks!


Thanks for listening and looking forward to talking to you again in our next IPro News. Feel free to forward this Newsletter to your colleagues. Likewise, feel free to call or write any time - always glad to serve you and engage with you!


All the best,



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