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IPro licenses Silicon IP to the Israeli Chip Design Community, from selected IP companies, world-wide. We deliver key functionality for your design through best-in-class IP and first-class support. 

We act as one company. Operating at the same high standards of support and commitment that you have learned to trust along years of partnership, the IPro Group continues a long tradition of engaged support and information exchange. We inform you, learn your needs, and provide solutions for your design challenges, enabling you to reach the market with world-class designs - fast!

Imagine a vibrant community of Israeli fabless companies and IP vendors, collaborating closely and sharing information. Imagine an atmosphere of trust and cooperation and mutual commitment for the success of your designs and the constant improvement of our IP offer. This is the IPro vision - a one-stop shop of state-of-the-art IP with unique engagement and bond to our Partners. 

Verimatrix are world-class experts in Security IP, with many years of expertise in securing your design with best-in-class Silicon and SW IP. ​Our silicon and software IP solutions cover the entire range of True Random Number Generators, Hash and Crypto Accelerators, Keys and Security Assets Management and Protection, and Secure Packet Protocols (such as IPsec and MACsec).  Our IP is found in major company high-end designs that demand extreme performance (such as 800G MACsec) as well as in new, ground-breaking IoT applications from companies that require extreme silicon size savings.

Wave Computing is the Silicon Valley company that is revolutionizing artificial intelligence (AI) and deep learning from the datacenter to the edge with its dataflow-based systems and embedded solutions. The company enables enterprises to accelerate their AI applications by easily and cost-effectively bringing deep learning to their data, wherever it is.

Wave’s innovative AI system solutions provide high-performance training and high-efficiency inferencing at scale. Through the company’s MIPS business unit, its RISC architecture and multi-threaded CPU cores deliver efficient, scalable IP solutions from IoT edge devices to high-end networking equipment.

Based in Campbell, Calif., Wave Computing was named a Machine Learning Industry Technology Innovation Leader by Frost & Sullivan, and a Top 25 Artificial Intelligence Provider by CIO Application Magazine. The company has more than 400 granted and pending patents, with its core values playing a significant role in the organization’s culture and how it executes on its business strategy, globally. To learn more, click https://wavecomp.ai/

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