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Elevate your innovation with IPro and our leading IP vendors


Welcome to a transformative collaboration that transcends technological boundaries. Working with IPro and its leading vendors - SiFive, Tiempo Secure, Signature IP, and BrainChip - unleashes a myriad of advantages, from customizable processors to fortified security, advanced connectivity solutions, and groundbreaking neuromorphic intelligence.

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Working with IPro: A Holistic Approach to IP Solutions

1. Comprehensive IP Ecosystem:


IPro provides a comprehensive suite of IP solutions, including cutting-edge IP technologies from SiFive, Tiempo Secure, Signature IP, and BrainChip. Benefit from a one-stop-shop with best solutions for diverse IP needs.

2. Expertise and Support:


Collaborate with IPro's experienced extended team, receiving expert guidance and support throughout the integration process. Leverage our in-depth knowledge to navigate complex challenges and optimize your projects.

3. IP Interoperability:


IPro facilitates a seamless interoperability between different IP solutions, minimizing integration hurdles. Trust in a cohesive ecosystem where SiFive, Tiempo Secure, Signature IP, and BrainChip technologies seamlessly complement each other.

4. Flexibility in IP Configuration:

Tailor IP configurations according to your project's unique requirements. IPro's flexibility helps you to choose, combine, and customize IP solutions to achieve optimal performance and functionality.

5. Continuous Innovation:

Stay at the forefront of technological advancements with IPro. Benefit from a commitment to continuous innovation, ensuring that your projects leverage the latest features and improvements from SiFive, Tiempo Secure, Signature IP, and BrainChip.


Unleashing Customization and Scalability with SiFive RISC-V Processors


1. Unparalleled Customization:

SiFive's RISC-V processors empower you with unprecedented customization. Tailor the processor architecture to meet your application's exact needs for optimized performance.

2. RISC-V Innovation:

SiFive are the inventors and the leaders of the RISC-V revolution. Leverage SiFive's commitment to the open RISC-V architecture. Join a collaborative community where transparency and shared knowledge drive continuous advancements.

3. Scalability Across Workloads:

SiFive ensures seamless scalability of its processors, allowing them to adapt across diverse workloads, from embedded systems to high-performance computing.

4. Optimal Power Efficiency:

Achieve the perfect balance between power and performance with SiFive's RISC-V processors. Harness optimal energy consumption without compromising processing power.

5. Community-Driven Development:

RISC-V facilitates community-driven development with SiFive's processors. Join a global network of developers pushing the boundaries of what's achievable in processor systems.

6. Endless Application Possibilities:

SiFive's processors offer endless application possibilities, adapting to the unique requirements of a broad spectrum of vertical markets and use cases.


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Fortifying Security Solutions with Tiempo Secure's TESIC Integrated Secure Enclave


1. Robust Secure Enclaves:

Tiempo Secure's robust TESIC secure enclaves create a tamper-resistant environment. Protect your SoC's sensitive data and critical operations with a security foundation you can trust.

2. End-to-End Certification Advantages:

Tiempo Secure brings inherent certification advantages. Streamline compliance with industry standards, ensuring robust security measures in your projects. We are the only IP vendor that guarantees certification when TESIC and Tiempo Secure's certification services are used.

3. Advanced Authentication and Access Control:

Tiempo Secure's advanced authentication and access control mechanisms, tailor security policies to your system's needs.

4. Trusted Execution Environment (TEE):

TESIC IP isolates critical operations securely and fortify the overall integrity of your system.

5. Enhanced Privacy Protection:

Ensure enhanced privacy protection with Tiempo Secure's solutions, safeguarding against unauthorized access and data breaches.

6. Seamless Integration:

Experience seamless integration of Tiempo Secure's solutions into your projects, providing a strong foundation for security without disrupting workflow.


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Pioneering Connectivity Solutions with Signature IP's NoC and PCIe IP

Simplicity in Complexity - for first time silicon success!

1. Efficient Data Flow with NoC:


Signature IP's Coherent and Non-Coherent Network-on-Chip (NoC) solutions optimize data flow within complex SoCs or Chiplet Systems. Maximize throughput and minimize latency for highly responsive systems. Maximize user experience and discover the meaning of NoC in a Snap.


2. Scalable and Flexible PCIe IP:


Tailor your interconnectivity needs with the native integration of scalable and flexible PCIe Gen 6 solutions from Signature IP. Ensure seamless integration into projects with varying requirements.


3. Fault Tolerance and Reliability:


Signature IP's NoC solutions incorporate fault tolerance mechanisms for consistent performance even in challenging operating conditions.


4. Efficient Resource Utilization:


Maximize resource utilization in system architecture with Signature IP, optimizing components for enhanced performance and efficiency.


5. Customizable Interconnect Solutions:


Choose from customizable Coherent and Non-Coherent interconnect solutions integrated by IPro, adapting Signature IP's offerings to match the specific connectivity requirements of your projects.


6. High-Performance Networking:


Achieve high-performance networking with IPro's integration of Signature IP's solutions, ensuring efficient data transfer and communication between different components of your system.


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Shaping Neuromorphic Intelligence with BrainChip's Akida-2 IP - From Perception to Cognition


1. Event-Driven AI with Akida-2:


Immerse yourself in the future of AI with the integration of BrainChip's Event-Drive Akida-2 Neuromorphic Processor, excelling applications like image and speech recognition.


2. Keep your Edge AI Power Budget under Control:


Akida-2 event-driven approach makes it suitable for battery-operated devices and applications with stringent power constraints.


3. Run Vision Transformers effectively:


Run Vision Transformers natively in Akida-2, fully accelerated and without CPU overhead, highly reducing energy consumption while improving speed. 


4. Unleash Real-Time Processing with TENNS:


Enable real-time processing with Akida-2's Temporal Event-Based Neural Networks (TENNS), crucial for applications requiring the efficient processing of Temporal Data.


5. Balance Performance and Hardware effectively with Multi-Pass Processing:


Akida-2's Multi-Pass Processing seamlessly accelerates models with more layers than NPEs available in any given hardware implementation of the Akida-2 IP. The full list of Neural Network Layers is broken into multiple sequential passes that fit the number of NPEs available.

6. Unmatched Neural Processing Power:


Unlock unmatched neural processing power with Akida-2, shaping the future of neuromorphic intelligence in a wide array of applications. You can run all types of CNNs, DNNs, ViT, SNNs and TENNs, future-proofing designs as the models get more advanced. Enjoy Brainchip's Models Zoo and an ecosystem of software, tools and models.


Embark on a Journey of Technological Excellence


As you explore the advantages of working with IPro and its vendors - SiFive, Tiempo Secure, Signature IP, and BrainChip - envision a future where customization, security, connectivity, and intelligence converge seamlessly. Join us in this journey of innovation and unlock the full potential of these groundbreaking technologies.


Get Started Today


Ready to revolutionize your projects with these cutting-edge IPs?  Contact us to explore how the combined strengths of SiFive, Tiempo Secure, Signature IP, and BrainChip can elevate your innovations to new heights.

About myself:


I am the General Manager of IPro.  Prior to IPro, I executed multiple sales and engineering management functions in the IP business for more than 30 years, in a variety of companies such as DEC, Zoran, LSI, Avant!, MIPS and ARM. At IPro, I have represented a wide variety of IP disciplines including Processors, Connectivity, Advanced Memory Systems, NoC, Security, Machine Learning and Automotive Platforms.  I have a EE B.Sc. and a Marketing MBA, both from the Technion in Haifa. I am Israeli by choice and have been living in this great country for more than 40 years. LinkedIn Profile.

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