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IPro licenses Silicon IP to the Israeli Chip Design Community, from selected IP companies world-wide. We deliver key functionality for your design through best-in-class IP partnerships and first-class support. 

We act as one company. Operating at the same high standards of support and commitment that you have learned to trust along years of partnership, the IPro Group continues a long tradition of engaged support and information exchange. We inform you, learn your needs, and provide solutions for your design challenges, enabling you to reach the market with world-class designs - fast!

Imagine a vibrant community of Israeli fabless companies and IP vendors, collaborating closely and sharing information. Imagine an atmosphere of trust and cooperation and mutual commitment for the success of your designs and the constant improvement of our IP offer. This is the IPro vision - a one-stop shop of state-of-the-art IP with unique engagement and bond to our Partners. 

About our IP Vendor Partners:

Differentiate Using OpenFive's Customizable SoC IP

OpenFive is a solution-centric silicon company that is uniquely positioned to design processor agnostic SoC architectures. With low-latency, high-throughput, customizable and differentiated IP for Artificial Intelligence, Edge Computing, HPC, and Networking solutions, OpenFive develops domain-specific SoC architectures based on high-performance, highly-efficient, cost-optimized IP to deliver scalable, optimized, differentiated silicon. OpenFive also offers end-to-end expertise in Architecture, Design Implementation, Software, Silicon Validation and Manufacturing to deliver high-quality silicon.

HBM2/2E IP SubSystem

HBM2/2E IP subsystem - Integrated HBM controller and HBM PHY subsystem solution supporting HBM2 and HBM2E JEDEC spec for a wide range of technology and foundry nodes. As an early advocate of 2.5D and 3D ASIC design technologies and by leveraging its experience from the industry’s first multiple successful 2.5D SoC SiP demonstration, OpenFive plays a key role in enabling industry applications that leverage the HBM 3D-stacked DRAM technology. Read more HERE.

Die to Die Controller IP Subsystem

Die-to-Die (D2D) Controller IP is targeted for heterogenous chiplet solutions in wired communications, AI and HPC applications. With recent advances in package technologies it is possible to route high speed signals within a package connecting multiple die either on Interposer or on Organic Substrate. Die-to-Die Controller IP offers unique value proposition in terms of low power, high throughput and low latency links enabling faster time to integration. Read more HERE.

Ethernet IP SubSystem


Ethernet IP from OpenFive supports 400G/200G/100G and 50G rates supporting both packet and ODU interfaces. The complete subsystem also includes a PCS layer and Multi-Channel-Multi-Rate (MCMR) FEC engine, which allows the customer to pick the configuration for their specific application. The FEC engine supports both KR4 RS(528, 514) and KP4 RS(544, 514). Read more HERE.

USB IP Subsystem

OpenFive provides a complete portfolio of USB-certified controllers with host and device functionality. They are integrated with our PHY partners in multiple foundries and nodes. FPGA boards are available for demo and prototype use. Read more HERE.

Interlaken IP subsystem

Extending on the 8th generation of its Interlaken IP core, OpenFive now introduces low latency version of the Chip-to-Chip and Die-to-Die connectivity Interlaken IP used across many applications. Cutting edge technologies such as High Performance Computing (HPC) clusters, AI/ML chip clusters, IoT edge devices, networking, and switching fabrics are demanding high throughput data transfer from one chip to another at very low latency. Interlaken-LL includes a validation platform supporting up to 256Gbps. Read more HERE.

Rambus is a premier silicon IP and chip provider that makes data faster and safer. We are dedicated to delivering first-to-market, high-quality embeded security, memory, and SerDes solutions for our customers.


Throughout our 30-year history, Rambus has led the industry with innovations and IP solutions that solve the fundamental challenges faced by leading-edge computing systems. We have done so by predicting and addressing the major disruptions in technology development, building a portfolio of foundational IP and offering solutions that enhance the performance and security of the most demanding applications.


Leveraging our semiconductor expertise, Rambus solutions speed performance, expand capacity and improve security. From data center and edge to artificial intelligence and automotive, our interface and security IP enable SoC and system designers to deliver their vision of the future.

From chip-to-cloud-to-crowd, Rambus secure silicon IP helps protect the world’s most valuable resource: data. Securing electronic systems at their hardware foundation, our embedded security solutions span areas including root of trust, tamper resistance, content protection and trusted provisioning.

Events & Occasions

OpenFive Webinars on Demand


You are welcome to sign up and attend any of the OpenFive on-demand webinars:

1. HBM2 / HBM2e IP Subsystem – Features and Implementation Guidelines

2. Protocol Agnostic Die-to-Die Connectivity for Chiplets and HPC

3. Chip to Chip Communication (Interlaken) for Enterprise and Cloud

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