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About IPro:

IPro licenses Silicon IP to the Israeli Chip Design Community, from selected IP companies world-wide. We deliver key functionality for your design through best-in-class IP partnerships and first-class support. 

We act as one company. Operating at the same high standards of support and commitment that you have learned to trust along years of partnership with me in a variety of Sales roles, the IPro Group continues a long tradition of engaged support and information exchange. We inform you, learn your needs, and provide IP solutions for your SoC design challenges, enabling you to reach the market with world-class IP products - fast!

Imagine a vibrant community of Israeli fabless companies and Worldwide IP vendors, collaborating closely and sharing information. Imagine an atmosphere of trust and cooperation and mutual commitment - for the success of your designs and for the constant improvement of our IP offer. This is the IPro vision - a one-stop shop of state-of-the-art IP with unique engagement and bond with our Partners. 

About our IP Vendor Partners:

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Custom Silicon Solutions with Differentiated IP

OpenFive is your proven path from custom SoC architecture to volume silicon. OpenFive offers end-to-end expertise in Architecture, IP Integration, Design Implementation, Software, Silicon Validation, and Manufacturing to deliver high-quality silicon in advanced nodes down to 5nm.

With spec-to-silicon design capabilities, customizable platforms, and differentiated IP for Artificial Intelligence, Datacenter/High Performance Computing, Networking, and Storage applications, OpenFive is uniquely positioned to deliver highly competitive domain specific processor agnostic SoCs customized for your application.

  • Leading licenseable SoC-IP Portfolio for Die-to-Die and Chip-to-Chip connectivity and Advanced Memory Systems.

  • Specialized custom SoC solutions that are optimized for power, performance and area, providing greater design flexibility and a competitive edge. 

In excess of 17 years of average design experience by an international team of experts.

Over 350 successful tapeouts and hundreds of millions of parts shipped.

Enjoy the benefits of a Chiplet Platform in your next design - with OpenFive !


The Future of RISC-V has no limits

As the pioneers who introduced RISC-V to the world, SiFive is transforming the future of compute and defining what comes next.

The RISC-V revolution didn’t just push boundaries - it removed them entirely. At SiFive, we’ve harnessed its limitless potential and empowered all companies to deliver the most advanced solutions of tomorrow.

We are not preparing for the future - we are making it happen! If you believe in RISC-V, you need SiFive. Whether you want to shape the next era of application-specific hardware, or build a career collaborating with the most talented leaders in technology, SiFive enables you to innovate for tomorrow, today.

300+ design wins with over 100 companies including 8 of the top 10 semiconductor companies

We enable the shift to a high performance future with a portfolio of powerful and efficient RISC-V cores. Our software-first approach unlocks the potential you need to take ownership of tomorrow.

  • The highest performing compute platform in the RISC-V architecture

  • A complete portfolio of powerful, configurable RISC-V processors

  • An undeniable industry lead in velocity, scalability and talent

Join the leaders of the RISC-V Revolution in your next design!

About myself (M.Diamant):


I am the General Manager of IPro.  Prior to IPro, I executed multiple sales and engineering management functions in the IP business for more than 30 years, in a variety of companies such as DEC, Zoran, LSI, Avant!, MIPS and ARM. At IPro, I have represented a wide variety of IP disciplines including Processors, Connectivity, Advanced Memory Systems, NoC, Security, Machine Learning and Automotive Platforms.  I have a EE B.Sc. and a Marketing MBA, both from the Technion in Haifa. I am Israeli by choice and have been living in this great country for more than 40 years. LinkedIn Profile.

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Lev Faerman from Intel EPG is the winner of our ChipEX BBC Dr Who Coding Kit raffle

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Calista Redmond, CEO of RISC-V International, delivered a keynote in ChipEX 2022 and came over to our booth to greet the local team.

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Getting together with good old friends at the SemIsrael EXPO

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Lev Faerman from Intel EPG is the winner of our ChipEX BBC Dr Who Coding Kit raffle

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Events & Occasions

Feature Highlight: RISC-V Vector Extentions (RVV) and SiFive Machine Learning Acceleration
Sifive enhances RISC-V Vector Extensions to accelerate performance in ML workloads 


Thanks to all of you that passed by to see SiFive and OpenFive at ChipEX. We enjoyed the vibrant atmosphere and were glad to meet so many colleagues and exchange information while having a cup of Joe at our booth.

Congratulations to Lev Faerman from Intel EPG, the winner of our BBC Dr Who Coding Kit raffle.

Last but not least, thanks to Calista Redmond, the CEO of RISC-V International, that delivered a keynote at ChipEX and passed by our booth to greet our local team.

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As close partners of TSMC, OpenFive and SiFive will exhibit in the upcoming TSMC Technology Symposium 2022.

Tuesday, June 28th, at the Daniel Hotel Herzelia.  Great opportunity to get together again for a new update and exchange of information.

See you all there!

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Articles and PRs - 2021-2022
Articles and PRs - 2021-2022
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